We built an incubator!

So we resigned to the fact that Martha isn’t going to sit on eggs. It could be for a multitude of reasons but what ever the reason, she won’t be hatching eggs herself. Unless she surprises us all of a sudden but I have my doubts. So we decided to try to build an incubator. How hard could it be right? 

Well it took a bit longer to get something working correctly than we thought but we got one together. 🙂

We stuck eggs into it yesterday. We have moved the eggs in the mean time as well. I hope to share a post with photos of all the steps showing how we built it but not right now. 

As for progress in how it’s going currently… Well I don’t think we cooked the eggs yet. We almost did but I think we didn’t. We won’t know for another couple of days yet I think. So for now, we are turning the eggs and hoping we haven’t killed them. I think we are getting better at controlling the temperature though. Hopefully they are ok still since we don’t really quite know what we are doing yet. Or at least it feels that way. Lol


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