Lucy- day 23

This morning I noticed that Lucy had kicked the plastic ball out of her nest which was interesting to me. I wonder if she finally got tired of caring for a plastic ball and kicked it out as if it was a bad egg. I thought maybe it might be a good time to also take a peak at the eggs.

Egg #1 now has a very small hairline crack in it but not because the duckling is hatching. My guess is that Lucy might have stepped on it wrong or something and accidentally hurt the shell. I am a bit concerned because it is so close to hatching and I would hate for it to have something happen to it that it dies. I candled it and the duckling was still alive so I guess it is a wait and see type thing. I could seal the crack with candle wax but that would mean disturbing Lucy again and I worry that she might hurt the Egg further when she runs out of the nest. So I decided to leave it for now and keep an eye on it. 

Egg #2 is definitely alive and kicking. Literally. I saw a little foot kicking when I candled it. 🙂 it was enough to make my heart melt. It probably didn’t appreciate the bright light shining into its eyes. I apologized and put it back while smiling about what I just witnessed.

Egg #3 is doing well as far as I can tell. I could see movement in it as well. Not as defined as the foot that kicked in egg #2 but I could still see it move. 

We bought duck starter today in anticipation of the ducklings hatching. We hope that they all make it and live but I am also aware that things can still go wrong. I never thought a month could feel so terribly long as this month has. Each day has been spent hoping that there are no problems with the developing ducklings. It is so hard not to get excited as well. I can’t wait till these small adorable babies arrive. 🙂 I bet Lucy is also counting down the days till she can stop laying in that nest all day. 🙂


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