Lucy – Candling day 14

Hello again,

This week has been absolutely crazy. I meant to post this the other day since it was day 14 was on Wednesday but time got away on me. So I am posting today because this is absolutely amazing and worth sharing. 🙂 The video I took wasn’t as good as it could have been but it is still pretty neat. 🙂 I still can’t get over that I held these eggs with growing ducklings inside. There is a life forming in each egg. Getting to hold these eggs feels pretty special and surreal. I suppose candling is sort of like doing an ultrasound too in a way. I just wish Lucy didn’t mind it so much. She is a great mama and I feel like I would lose fingers if I didn’t listen to and respect her. I will post links below to the two videos that i got. I didn’t get video of the third egg unfortunately because my camera sd card ran out of room. But I did get to see that it was still alive as well. 🙂

Lucy’s first egg Day 14

Lucy’s second egg – Day 14

Martha still hasn’t laid on her eggs full time and today I decided to take them away because it was only +2 in the duck house and too cold in my opinion for the eggs to survive if I left them out there. So I packed them up and put them in a cool place. We are building an incubator to try incubate some ourselves. I felt that it would be sad to see these eggs of Martha’s go to waste and we really want to try incubating some eggs. So that is what is next for her eggs. Although I have doubts that they are all still even viable as the oldest one is 2 weeks old now. So we will find out once they have been incubated for about 5 days whether any will produce ducklings or not and go from there.


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