Lucy – day 10

I haven’t posted in a couple of days bc there really hasn’t been much of anything to report. Lucy is still on her eggs and Mary is with her now since I switched Mary and Martha. Lucy and Mary get along fine. Although I think Mary gets lonely bc Lucy spends most of her time on the nest.

Martha still isn’t sitting on her eggs but she did make a new nest in her new house. I have slowly been putting her original eggs back into her new nest. This morning, the eggs felt slightly warm so she is sitting on them over night like she was doing in the other house on her first nest. But I have no idea what she might decide to do. I can only wait and see. I am starting to have doubts but you never know what she might do. So I will let her decide and try not to feel frustrated that she seems to not be able to decide what she wants. Waiting is so hard though!

George and Martha are so happy to be together. He follows her everywhere and gets upset if she wanders off while he isn’t looking and he has to find her. Lol Poor George. He stands guard kind of when she is sleeping. He is very protective of her. It is quite sweet.


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