Changing things up

Hello again,

Today I decided to switch things a bit. Martha has been getting increasingly distressed because of being separate from George. I had hoped her being able to see him through the fence would be enough. But it wasn’t. She was constantly quacking for him and I knew she couldn’t be separate from him any longer. Plus, she would never  sit on eggs permanently if she was feeling so strongly about being with George. So I moved her in with George around lunch time today. Almost instant quiet. They have been inseparable since. I moved Mary in with Lucy which seems to be working out fine as well. Plus Mary is the new bug catcher in the house with Lucy. lol

Lucy is still sitting on her eggs. Not much happening with her. Although Martha’s constant quacking was making Lucy upset and she kept leaving her nest. I am guessing it was to see what was wrong? So Martha had to be moved for Lucy’s sake as well.

I guess I had it wrong. I thought Martha would get used to being separate from George. But it just got harder on her with each passing day. Like I said in an earlier post, sometimes we have to make a decision with the information we have and sometimes we find out we didn’t make the right decision and hopefully we can fix it. I hope that Martha will start a new nest in the other house and I can give her back her eggs that she has already laid. I have them packed up safe in the fridge right now. Hopefully it will be tomorrow that I can start putting them in a new nest. Fingers crossed.


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