Candling Lucy’s Eggs – day 6

Candling a process using light to shine through the egg to see if the egg is fertile or not.

Today I got to candle Lucy’s Eggs to find out if they are fertile! They are all fertile!!! I am so excited! I just keep staring at the photos and I am in awe that the dark spot is actually a duck starting to form. Its amazing. A little miracle. 🙂

Martha laid another egg this morning but hadn’t started sitting on them again. But tonight, she was sitting on them instead of being outside. It could mean that she has decided that she wants to go Broody and hatch the eggs. I am trying to not get too excited yet. I will have to wait till tomorrow to see what she does. Poor George is beside himself though. He can’t seem to understand why Martha would choose eggs over him. I feel bad for him.

Below is a photo of each of the eggs that Lucy is sitting on. It’s quite fascinating! #1 is the egg from Lucy. 2 and 3 are from Martha.


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