Lucy – Day 5

Hello again,

Today is the 5th day that Lucy has been sitting on her eggs. She is still as committed as ever. So committed that I worry she is not taking time to get off the nest and eat. I am unsure how to be able to tell if she is eating or not. I put some kale in front of the nest box and I hope she will eat it while I am not there. Normally, kale is irresistible to them. But she wouldn’t touch it while I was there watching.

Martha has now laid 3 eggs in her nest but still not sitting full-time. I am not sure how many she is planning to lay before deciding to sit full time. Or maybe she has decided that she doesn’t want to sit on her eggs anymore. I have no idea of knowing how to tell since this is the first time I am doing this.

Martha is calling for George so much that we decided to let her in with George for a couple of hours each afternoon until she is sitting on her eggs full-time. She gets excited and quite vocal when we are coming to get her to go in with him. Hopefully these visits are a good idea.


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