Peas Please!


So I have read over and over how much Ducks love peas. You can’t read too much about ducks without learning this interesting fact. Since my ducks are small still, I didn’t think I could try peas yet. Although the other day, I did find a bag of “Petite Peas” though (a bag of frozen tiny peas) and decided to squish them so they are small enough for my ducklings. The fact that Ducks love peas is definitely true! lol

I do not know what it is about peas, but the ducklings adore those things. They eat them like candy. I can now see how people train ducks by using peas as an incentive. 🙂 I had them following the peas in my hand and I was able to teach them to step up on to a little step I made to help them get in to their swimming pool (kitty litter pan). They were even willing to step into my lap to get a pea. 🙂 I had struggled to get them to eat out of my hand, or trust my hand even, until I had peas. I am glad to have this food now to help me teach them to do things or help them to trust me. 🙂


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