Reading to my Ducks

On Sunday, I started reading to my ducklings to help them recognize my voice and hopefully bond with me. I am glad that I decided to start on Sunday so that I was able to read to the smallest one before she passed away. They seem to relax when I read so I hope that she got to feel relaxed for a little while in her very short life. 🙂

I decided to read them Tom Sawyer. I doubt they understand the words so it likely doesn’t matter what I read but it has been a (very long) while since I read that story myself and I have wanted to read it again. It is actually kind of cute because they all lay down and watch me. They will tilt their heads sometimes too. Then they slowly start nodding off to sleep and I feel like I am reading them a bed time story or something. lol I hope it helps to tame them and they get benefit from it as well. If nothing else, I am getting an excuse to read Tom Sawyer again which isn’t so bad. 🙂


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