The New Arrivals


Today the ducklings arrived! It ended up that they came today instead of tomorrow. So that is why I didn’t post anything yesterday because I have been quite busy finishing getting everything all set up. As far as I am guessing, there might be 3 boys and 3 girls. πŸ™‚

They are settled in to their new home and seem content. They seem to wake up when I go in to check the temperature and on them and they go running to the food and water. lol The smallest is a girl I think and she hadn’t eaten anything until tonight finally. I am not sure if she just wasn’t hungry yet or not. They apparently don’t really eat anything for so long after they are born. I hope that is all that it is and she will start eating and gaining on the others soon enough!

I have been talking to them a lot and hoping that they will learn the sound of my voice and know that they can trust me. They are scared of my hands right now so I don’t want to put my hands in the pen or touch them unless necessary. I even considered reading a book out loud to them just so they can hear my voice. They seem to quiet down and close their eyes when I talk so it must mean that my voice isn’t annoying?

As far as my two cats…. they are sure curious but I have made sure that they can not reach the ducklings and I will not take a chance to find out whether they see the ducklings as dinner or not. When I am not there, they seem to leave so they must not be too interested. But Chloe (my kitten who will be 1-year-old in October) seems to be jealous when I spend time with them and not him. He acts out to get my attention. So I think for him, it is more that there is something taking my attention away from him. Hopefully that doesn’t make him want to get rid of them. I hope everyone will eventually at least tolerate each other. They don’t have to like each other…. Just tolerating each other would be ok.

Here is a photo that I took when they first came home. πŸ™‚


Here is a photo of a few of them in their new pen.


They are adorable aren’t they? I love watching them stretch and flap their little wings a little. πŸ™‚ They are so cute when they do they waddle around too. πŸ™‚ Everything they do is cute if I am being honest. lol Even the way they pick up their food and drink the water. πŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting and hopefully enjoying the post with photos. πŸ™‚ I hope you will come visit again soon!


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